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Free horsey rides... I mean... LiveJournal

Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow

Rupert Pupkin
13 March
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  • the hell is jabber?
Uhhh... nice..... trustworthy.... genuine....

likes music....



Radio Free Marist: A weekly hootenanny in podcast form.
I make paintings of NES games.
Neglected DeviantArt profile.
Reviews at Yelp.
AtlasQuest - Letterboxing.
Theodore Roosevelt's Diary: Something I did with CKA a few years ago. Funny stuff? You be the judge.
This Week In Musings Archive.
43 Things to do and places to visit.
YouTube favorites.
One-Eyed Pete's International Tour: Abandoned webpage.
My Riverboat Fund: A gag.

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August 28, 2006
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