Rupert Pupkin (vinylboy20) wrote,
Rupert Pupkin

Legend of a Donovan

Walking around the Hannaford today, I heard a very familiar drumbeat come on the PA. And I was all, "Oh it's that song about a cowgirl, the one that ripped off the beat from The New Pollution."

Well, no, not exactly. It turned out to be a Donovan song which was familiar anyway! "Sunshine Superman." I just had never put the two together. But that's where the beat came from.

FYI. The jury is still out over whether Imani Coppola ripped off Beck with that beat, since after all, according to, Beck sampled the beat in "The New Pollution" from yet another song, "Hallelujah Alright Amen" by Gus Poole.

Tags: sample-spotting
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