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The 2015 Lists

1. Mr. Turner
2. The Babadook
3. Inside Out
4. The Big Short
5. Bridge of Spies
6. Star Wars 7
7. Love & Mercy
8. Wild
9. The Interview
10. Ant Man

Top 21 Netflix Rentals
1. They Came Together
2. The One I Love
3. Side Effects
4. Cane Toads: The Conquest
5. 127 Hours
6. Insomnia
7. Old Joy
8. Leviathan
9. An Honest Liar
10. Goodfellas
11. Sightseers - Funny, I think Sightseers accomplished for me what Funny Games was trying to do.
12. The Elephant Man
13. Slacker
14. On The Ice
15. The Interview
16. Force Majeure
17. You're Next
18. Panic Room
19. Babe: Pig In The City
20. Frank
21. Funny Games

Top 13 Songs of 2015

Abelard - "Seinwave 2000"
This year saw the launch of the Ridinkulous blog and the podcast Seinopsis. Abelard just happened to release this Seinfeld theme song remix just at the right time, when I was casting about for a theme song for Seinopsis. It's insane how good this is.

Ariel Pink - "Black Ballerina"
There are many songs that I associate strongly with a place. Most of the Ariel Pink album pom pom I associate with Fort Myers, Florida. I walked around the open air town center (read: mall) listening to this purposefully because it seemed like just the thing. I love everything about this song, the main saxophony riff, the "elevators, manufacturers" refrain... I don't even mind the skit in the middle!

Ariel Pink - "Lipstick"
We hiked up Mount Machu Picchu in March and it was one of the most strenuous hikes of my life. Imagine climbing stairs for 1.5 hours at a high elevation and that will give you a good idea... because that's exactly what it was. I had to put music on to keep myself going. I noticed my feet falling in time with "Lipstick," which in hindsight is not very fast.

Max Tundra - "You and I Alone"
It's rare when Max Tundra puts out a new song, so you have to appreciate it. Plus he brilliantly paired with Daphe & Celeste, from what I gather, a one-hit wonder from the UK who haven't performed in over a deacde.

Algiers - "Black Eunuch"
I don't know what to say about this one, except this record is red hot.

Falco - "Der Kommissar"
So when we first arrived in Peru this year, our hired taxi drove us to place in Miraflores. I've never been to South America before, so it was a strange experience in itself, made stranger when "Der Kommissar" came on the radio and the driver started singing along.

Boards of Canada - "Dave (I'm A Real Traditionalist)"
I listened to a ton of Boards of Canada this year while reading. Not just Music Has A Right To Children, but weird, unreleased stuff. That's where this song comes from. It was stuck in my head constantly, thanks in no small part to Avoidant Consumer's haunting video.

Meatbeat Manifesto - "Asbestos Lead Asbestos"
I've always liked this song and the video, but for some reason this year I've been listening to this 20 year old song over and over. Is this the best song from 90s radio? I don't know! Maybe!

Svantana - "Workin' As A Waitress In A Cocktail Bar"
Seems like Vicki Bennett always introduces me to at least one song on her radio show Do or DIY that ends up on this list. This year it was this incredibly dumb, one-joke remix of "Don't You Want Me." So dumb it's brilliant.

Dwight Twilley Band - "Looking For The Magic"
This all has to do with the movie You're Next. A decent horror flick, but what stuck with me most was how they used this song repeatedly, so now it has this creepy aura. Also, I became half-convinced that this was the song that the Russian Futurists sample in "One Night, One Kiss," but the jury is still out on that one.

Tame Impala - "Eventually"
If ASMR was a real thing, then I might be experiencing it during this song. When those drums hit with a muted THUNK.

Father John Misty - "Bored In The USA"
With "Seinwave 2000," this is the second song on the list to include a LAUGH TRACK.

Neon Indian - "Annie"
This song has been stuck in my head something awful the past few weeks

Top 9 Albums of 2015
1. Ariel Pink - Pom Pom
The first time I really did a deep listen on this one was in Florida last January, in the middle of a really desolate mall/hotel wasteland. Since Ariel is such an LA dude, this place and the weather seemed appropriate.
Two songs that pack an emotional wallop. "Dazed In Daydreams" and "Picture Me Gone." If you don't believe the latter, watch the kids singing it.
2. Tame Impala - Waves
3. Bjork - Vulnicura
4. The Go Team - The Scene Between
5. Shopping - Consumer Complaints
6. Destroyer - Poison Season
7. Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment - Surf
8. Paul de Jong - IF
9. The Soft Pink Truth - Why Pay More?

A couple music videos

Modest Mouse - "Coyotes"

That's a pretty cute coyote on a train.

Charli XCX - "Famous"

Belle & Sebastian - "Perfect Couples"

Totally hypnotic.

Neil Cicierega - "Aaron"

A manic view of Neil's 90's pop detritus obsessed mind. Never change, Neil!

Tame Impala - "The Less I Know The Better"

Greatest Musical Moments
In Ariel Pink's "Black Ballerina" when he says "Elevators, manufacturers." That's the entirety of the chorus!

I had a couple great planned listening experiences this year. The first time I listened to Ariel Pink's Pom Pom the whole way through was in Ft. Myers, Florida, walking around the consumer wasteland that is the Town Center Mall. The first time I listened to Bjork's Vulnicura, I was snowshoeing around Peebles Island Park.

How about that moment in Tame Impala's "Eventually" when the titular word comes up. Kevin Parker sings "But I know that I'll be happier, and I know you will too," and takes a beat before the music goes lush, the drum hits and he sings "Eventually." It's such a great moment, no wonder he does it like eight times in this song.

Top 20 Artists On My Audioscrobbler
1. Boards of Canada - 468
2. Ariel Pink - 429
3. The Go! Team - 378
4. They Might Be Giants - 276
5. Tame Impala - 243
6. Charli XCX - 243
7. Shopping - 236
8. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - 188
9. Saint Pepsi - 185
10. The Russian Futurists - 172
11. Air - 166
12. Jonathan Mann - 164
13. Lazarus Kgagudi - 159
14. Destroyer - 145
15. Jungle - 133
16. Aphex Twin - 127
17. The Spinto Band - 122
18. Bjork - 92
19. The New Pornographers - 89
20. Negativland - 89

Top 20 Songs On My Audioscrobbler
1. Ariel Pink - "Lipstick" - 57
2. Ariel Pink - "Black Ballerina" - 42
3. Abelard - "Seinwave 2000" - 41
4. Ariel Pink - "Four Shadows" - 37
5. Tame Impala - "Let It Happen" - 34
6. Charli XCX - "Breaking Up" - 33
7. Ariel Pink - "Put Your Number In My Phone" - 31
8. Jungle - "Time" - 30
9. Ariel Pink - "White Freckles" - 30
10. Ariel Pink - "Not Enough Violence" - 29
11. The Go! Team - "Catch Me On The Rebound" - 29
12. Ariel Pink - "Nude Beach A Go-Go" - 29
13. Charli XCX - "London Queen" - 28
14. The Go! Team - "Gaffa Tape Bikini" - 28
15. Ariel Pink - "One Summer Night" - 27
16. Meat Beat Manifesto - "Asbestos Lead Asbestos" - 26
17. Charli XCX - "Break The Rules" - 26
18. Charli XCX - "Doing It" - 26
19. Daphne & Celeste - "You And I Alone" - 26
20. Tame Impala - "Eventually" - 26

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