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Swiss trip, part 5, Müre Mürren - Free horsey rides... I mean... LiveJournal

About Swiss trip, part 5, Müre Mürren

Previous Entry Swiss trip, part 5, Müre Mürren Aug. 1st, 2014 @ 10:17 am Next Entry
Thursday morning it was time to head up to the Schilthorn. We checked the Schilthorn cam, which you must always do, because it can be cloudy at the peak, making it a complete waste of time going up. It takes two cable cars to get to the top. I would’ve tried hiking the entire thing, something like a 1,300 meter elevation gain, but it was still almost completely snowed in.

If you think Switzerland is devoid of cheesy tourist attractions, think again! At the top of the Schilthorn is a revolving restaurant and a James Bond museum. The sole George Lazenby vehicle, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, was filmed all around Murren and on top of the Schilthorn. In fact, the filmmakers helped finance the building of the restaurant.

There is a scene where Bond goes curling on the walkway, which I had to re-enact.

There weren’t many people at the top, but all were ecstatic to be there. There were a father and son going to the top, and I didn’t even realize they had all their ski gear, so when they got to the top, off they went…

There was no one else at the Bond museum, so we were free to play with the big LCD table, the kilt with the tv inside it, and the bobsled re-enactment.

Coming back down.

Silent cable car pulling into the Birg station.

After Schilthorn, it was time for another hike. This time we decided to go uphill, against the advice of Kitty, who said it was still too snowy. We would go up to Allmendhubel, an area with a flower garden in the warmer months, then across and back down to the cliffside.

During warmer months, you can even take the funicular train up to Allmendhubel, but this wasn’t running either when we were there.

Here’s the first cows we actually saw outside. As you can see, they are very interested in people. Couldn’t help but feed them some greens.

Allmendhubel station. Our water was running low, so we shoved some snow in the bottle taking a moment before realizing we would be drinking pure Alpine water! People would probably pay a pretty penny for that. They’d still probably want it filtered a hundred times because people are really paranoid about water, even Alpine snow water.

As you can see, it started getting snowy, and we only had hiking boots. There were a few other footprints in the snow, so obviously someone else had done the same route, but as we went along, it became only one pair of footprints, then no footprints. So we were the first people of the year stupid enough to do this particular route. I’m sure it gets very busy during the summer.

We came down into a nice valley with streams and wildflowers.

There are helpful posts everywhere telling you how many minutes hiking to different destinations. They are timed by local old people, and I’m proud to say, we usually beat their times.

More farmland, and no people.

So fucking picturesque!

Is this real??

Holy shit, look at that. Oh my god.​

We made it down to Winteregg since that was, I don’t know… a place on the map. I knew there was a train station there, so we might as well turn back at that point. There was a big restaurant and playground, and again, it was all closed. We walked back along the road to Murren.

Lumber mill.

They were testing out the train that normally takes people into Murren.

Back in Murren, there was a mountain goat chilling out next to our inn.

Ultra zoom!

Delicious supper in preparation for the second semi-final round of Eurovision!

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